Press Releases
Sep 2013
Bits Republic to Appear on 21st Century Business Television series on Sept 15, 2013. [link]
Jun 2013
Announcement: Bits Republic has added Android support to UberClix.
Feb 2013
Bits Republic Selected to Appear on 21st Century Business Television series. [link]
Sep 2012
Announcement: Bits Republic has officially released
May 2011
Business In Vancouver: When the "cloud" falls to Earth, your company needs a backup plan. [link]
Mar 2011
Bits Republic announces PrivyDocs, the ultra-secure file storage system. [link]
Business In Vancouver: Vancouver company Bits Republic aiming to provide clarity on cloud computing confidentiality [link]
Feb 2011
Bits Republic Announces Browser-Based Update to Its Secure Collaboration System. [link]
Bits Republic (Vancouver) and CloudTerrain (Hong Kong) reach Distributor Agreement. [link]
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