The Pain
What is UberClix?
Triple Security Protection
Protecting your privacy

Complete Privacy Protection

Your files are encrypted even before they leave your computers. Like a personal vault, you are assured that your files are protected against any unauthorized access in the Cloud -- even we can't see your files.

Private workspaces for different clients

Organize your documents into different workspaces, so they can be easily share with your clients, partners and employees.

Tracking and reporting

UberClix keeps a complete record of all access to your documents, so you always know who has read or updated them, and when they were accessed.

Access your documents anywhere

The power of cloud storage means that your documents are available from anywhere in the the world - on home computers, office laptops and even android devices.

Full access control over your files and folders

The UberClix interface is intuitive and allows you to quickly and easily control who has access to your files and folders stored in the Cloud.