The Pain
What is UberClix?
Triple Security Protection
Protecting your privacy

Complete Data Security in the Cloud

UberClix allows organizations and individuals to easily create multiple secure workspaces to manage and share documents with their clients, partners and colleagues in complete privacy.

We have zero knowledge of your files

All your documents are stored in the Cloud in encrypted forms. Because the documents are encrypted right before they are uploaded, and only decrypted right after you have downloaded them, we maintain zero-knowledge of your documents at all times even though we are storing them on our servers.

You maintain full control over your documents

With UberClix, you can invite others to your workspaces to begin sharing and collaborating on documents. You can also carry out intuitive and comprehensive file access control among users in your workspaces. So you can grant (or revoke) a user read or write access based on each file or folder selectively. All access to your documents are tracked in highly detailed audit trails.

Use With Your Clients, Partners and Fellow Colleagues

Do you share documents frequently with clients or colleagues?
Tired of passwording your documents everytime you email them?
UberClix is what you need. With UberClix, you avoid having to invest in costly IT infrastructures to facilitate client access to the documents, and you also avoid juggling countless passwords in order to protect your clients' documents.