The Pain
What is UberClix?
Triple Security Protection
Protecting your privacy

The conundrum of sharing files securely

Are you password protecting too many documents?

To share sensitive documents with external stakeholders, organizations frequently email password-encrypted documents to their clients or partners. This approach is cumbersome when it involves many parties or documents. Alternatively companies can maintain their own storage server within their corporate network---but the cost and know-how of maintaining a storage server makes this option unattractive, especially for small businesses."

And you have privacy concerns with the Cloud?

Despite all the advantages of using cloud for sharing documents, the concern of document security is slowing the adoption of cloud storage by enterprises and organizations When you place documents in the Cloud, you won't be safeguarded against unauthorized access by the cloud providers. Although agreements and policies are in place, they're hard to monitor and audit. Of course, documents can be encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud. But once encrypted, these documents can't be shared with others unless the password or account is shared.

What we do

UberClix is a highly secure Cloud storage solution. Our technologies allow companies to leverage the benefits of cloud storage to share documents with ease. UberClix encrypts documents before they leave the users' computers and devices for the Cloud, and decrypts only after they have been downloaded. This way documents are completely protected against unauthorized access when they are at rest in the Cloud. Our technology is so secure that even we are not able to access our users' data. With our proprietary secure key management My Own Bits™ technology, our users can confidently share these encrypted documents in the Cloud privately with others, without the need to share their passwords.