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What is UberClix?
Triple Security Protection
Protecting your privacy

Protecting Your Privacy

We take your privacy very seriously. We are so committed to protecting your Cloud privacy that we have engineered the protection right into the core of our technology.

 Files are encrypted...right from your computer
All your files are encrypted before they even leave your computers for the Cloud. We even encrypt your file and folder names. They can only be decrypted by you (or your authorized users) on your local computers. The files remain in encrypted form while at rest in the Cloud, ensuring there can be no access without your knowledge.

 Unique secret key for each file
Each file's content is encrypted using a different secret key. And not only the content is encrypted, we even encrypt the secret keys that encrypt the content. This ensures we have no access to your files nor the keys that encrypt your files.

 You generate your own keys
All your keys are generated locally on your computers. At no time we have access to these keys. This prevents us from ever being able to decipher your files even though we are hosting them.

We don't have access to your password as it is never sent in plain text to our servers. Instead we use password hash to authenticate you when you log in. To further protect you, your password hash is salted when stored in our servers.

 Secured connections
All communication with our servers are through secured SSL and HTTP connections.