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What is UberClix?
Triple Security Protection
Protecting your privacy

Triple Security Protection on your documents

#1 Files are encrypted before they leave for the Cloud
#2 Transported using SSL encrypted connections
#3 Finally they are encrypted again
on the servers

With Triple Security Protection, UberClix ensures that all files on our servers are protected against any unauthorized access in the Cloud. We do not have access to the keys that encrypt your files and we do not keep your passwords. Our service is so secure that even we have no access to your files.

1) Securing files locally before they leave for the Cloud

UberClix applies client-side encryption on all your files by securing them before they even leave your your computers or mobile devices.

2) Secure SSL connections to transport your files

After your files are encrypted, they are transported over the network using SSL protocol, ensuring that your data cannot be accessed or tampered with during transmission.

3) Encrypting your documents again on our servers

After your files have been uploaded, we apply server-side encryption on them as they are stored onto our servers using AES-256 encryption standards. This protects against unauthorized access by external hackers and intruders if the servers are ever compromised.